God Will Take Over, If We Let Go

Weekly Missionary Reflection
11th Sunday in Ordinary Time, 13 June 2021

Eze. 17:22-24; Ps. 92:2-3,13-14,15-16; 2 Cor. 5:6-10; Mark 4:26-34.

Under the Roman colonialism, most Jews expected a Messiah who would make them free, socially and politically. That is the real sign that their Lord reigned and ruled, as in the past. Most of Jesus’ disciples also expect Jesus to be like such a political Messiah. It is not easy to change a frozen way of thinking. Thus, with any way Jesus explained and presented the different Kingdom of God. Human must be convinced that the Kingdom of God comes from God, not from human or religion. God reigns the world and humankind’s with a surprising and unexpected way. Some aspects of this mystery that Jesus explains with the help of two small parables from the agriculture world, a real context for His listeners.

First parable about the seed (v. 26-29). Look at the farmer, he was only active at the beginning and at the end: at the time of sowing and reaping. Between these two moments , the farmer was idle. He slept and got up without knowing what happened. It is the seed that actively grew “on its own”. This is the first message: God intervenes, if we are willing to give up. It doesn’t mean that we are unconcerned or lazy, but because we believe God is working. Only one task leaves for you and me: keep spreading the seed of His words. The seed of the Kingdom of God that Jesus preaches and continued by us will grow by itself. That growth is beyond our control and comprehension. No man can slow down or speed up God’s project. Even the harvest time is none of our business. That is the second message. The ripen seed itself will determine its harvest time. This is clear from the phrase “when the grain is ripen” (v. 29a), which literally reads: “if the fruit approves”. Harvest time is not determined by human’s calculation, but by the fruit itself. Mankind’s can just wait with hope and believe that the Kingdom of God will completely come into real.

The second parable affirms another point (v. 30-32). Mustard seed of 1 mm size can grow into a giant tree of 2-3 m height. The seed of Kingdom of God in the world seems small and uncounted. But once it is sown on a good soil, it can grow big and offers shelter to everybody who welcomes it. This is the third message: do not be afraid of being the minority among the other religions or the majority world that becomes more secular. Do not be disappointed for the quantitatively “less successful” preaching. Ignorance, rejection even failure in our preaching are part of God’s success at the end. When His Son was rejected by the majority Jews, His Gospel is revealed and spread to all nations and religions. The same will happen to His children throughout the ages. The indolence of people in accepting, their ignorance to understand, even their rejection on our proclamation must have meaning and purpose in God’s great work, which will accomplished by Him, Himself.

(Hortensius Mandaru – Indonesia Bible Society, Jakarta)


Lord, our Father, I present my today prayer, thought, word, work, joy and sorrow in the unity with Your Son, Jesus Christ, who always presents Himself in the Eucharist for the world salvation. May the Holy Spirit, as the soul of Jesus, also lead and give me the strength today so that I am ready to be the witness of Your love.

Together with St. Mary, Mother of Jesus and the Church, I specially present my prayer to our Pope and Indonesian Church prayer apostles of this month:

For Evangelization intention:
The Beauty of Marriage: Let us pray for the young people who are preparing their marriage with the support from Christian community, may they grow in love, having generosity, loyalty and patience. We pray …

For Indonesian Churches intention:
Social media activists and users: May all media social activists and users be blessed with virtues to keep speading the positive things and be sent away from the the things that is detrimental to oneself, family or society. We pray …

Special Intention for the year of St. Joseph:
Please give us a heart like the Son of Joseph, to sincerely take part in building the community of the Faith in our family and community. We pray…


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