Emmaus Journey

Weekly Missionary Reflection
3rd Sunday of Easter, 23 April 2023

Act. 2:14,22-33; Ps. 16:1-2a,5,7-8,9-10,11; 1Pet. 1:17-21; Luk. 24:13-35

On the third Sunday of Easter we are invited to ponder the journey of the two disciples of Jesus to Emmaus. This story happened after Mary Magdalene and some disciples of Jesus found the empty tomb of Jesus. It’s well understood how they questioned this happening. They didn’t study Theology nor have the capability in interpreting the scriptures. Jesus’ teaching about the resurrection could hardly be comprehended by most people, not even by those close to Him.

The two disciples going to Emmaus were disillusioned and griefing for their Teacher was crucified and they didn’t know what to do. Their grief prevented them from recognizing Jesus who was walking with them. Their belief that Jesus would redeem Israel was so deep in their mind that they could not understand Jesus’ teaching of the Prophet’s revelation that the Son of Man would suffer and die. We also have this kind of experience in our faith journey. When we are faced with adversities, grief, and sorrow, we tend to stick to what we think is right, that we would succeed in our job, career and relationship, or that the Lord will not let our beloved ones sick or suffer or apart from us. This improper belief has prevented us from realizing the presence of the Lord.

The Eucharist that we receive is the only sign that God is always with us. The two disciples realized the stranger walking with them was Jesus when He broke the bread. Their heart burnt within them, then they set out and returned to the correct path. Their doubt and sadness were transformed into a burning faith.

The journey of the disciples to Emmaus makes us realize that Jesus is showing us that He is always in us whenever we celebrate the Eucharist. We will always have problems in our lives, just like Jesus’ resurrection will not necessarily redeem Israel. Yet we have to realize that in any circumstance God is always with us and none of our problems will prevail over His love for us. When we have such faith, then we are truly celebrating Easter. God bless.

(Br. Kornelius Glossanto, SX – Xaverian Missionary)


Lord, our Father, I present my today prayer, thought, word, work, joy, and sorrow in unity with Your Son, Jesus Christ, who always presents Himself in the Eucharist for the salvation of the world. May the Holy Spirit animating Jesus, also be my guidance and strength today so that I am ready to be the witness of Your love.

Together with St. Mary, Mother of Jesus, and the Church, in particular, I present my prayer for our Pope and apostle prayer of the Indonesian Church of this month:

For a culture of peace and non-violence
We pray for the spread of peace and non-violence, by decreasing the use of weapons by States and citizens.

For the self-confidence of the youth
We pray that the youth may realize that their addiction to the digital world and the online facility is isolating them in their own world, and may they are encouraged to be confident and willing to extend relationships in their real life.


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